Passion for New Challenges and Solving Problems.

Understanding Service Management and Strategic Market Creation provides a foundation to work on cross-team collaborative projects to achieve outcomes. Currently seeking new challenges
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"Jason is a highly valued team player. A broad-minded and multi-skilled person, whom I really enjoy working with on various. Lots of work and little talk. Deliver results and move on. That's Jason's way."

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"...Jason is not afraid of working hard and taking responsibility during his shifts, that´s why we have full confidence to Jason solving the tasks he has been given in a satisfying way..."

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"...He has a drive for searching and finding new information for a specific task. He has provided RETHNK with great knowledge, insights and recommendations for our use of social media..."

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"...Jason is an excellent multi-tasker. In addition, he is very dedicated, able to work extremely hard when required and used his own time to learn more about wine..."

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Skills I bring to new challenges.

A General all rounder, knowledgeable in different areas to help teams progress. As a continuous learner, I am always eager to improve my skills, ask questions and learn new perspectives. My focus is making sure the team succeeds.

Portfolio of work.

Examples of content I have been involved in researching, developing and or proofing. 

I would love to help you with your new challenges. Let's get in touch

Background of General All Rounder.

With experience in differing industries, different areas and different tasks, as well as an education in Service Management and Strategic Market Creation provide me with a wide perspective and skill base, which I always continue to develop and tackle new challenges. As a result, I have the possibility to work in cross functional positions and always consider the broader picture.