Previous Projects.

A portfolio containing some of the content marketing and optimisation projects that I have been involved in. Depending on the project requirements, different skills were utilized to deliver the final outcomes.

Projects Improving CX

Customer Experience.

Ideanote Logo Aim: To improve lead generation for the sign up.

CX Project 1

Redesign the look of their main SEO page to reduce the overall bounce rate.

Identified Problem

Sign up page consisted of 10 questions about the person and their company details.

Quick research using network confirmed that people using the website were not ready to speak to a sales person at sign up stage

New Initative

Create new sign page where new customers can explore the platform and add their details on the way.

Product team developed a cached version of the platform, which customers could add their details and convert to an actual account, if they choose.

Business Outcome: Leads started to be generated through this channel. Having looked at the platform, the sales team talked to warm leads with specific requirements.

CX Improvement: Improved customer experience by changing the relationship dynamic of the initial contact by the Sales team. Instead of a sales pitch the dialogue focused on understanding and helping solve the customer's problem.

Logo for kbh TeambuildingAim: To find new initiatives to optimize the marketing funnel.

CX Project 1

Redesign the look of their main SEO page to reduce the overall bounce rate.

Old Layout

New Layout

CX: Increased the font size, removed the side bar and highlighted each of the exercises for easier readability

Product: Connected the exercises to specific product pages and made the newsletter call-to-action relevant to the page.

Result: Bounce rate dropped by half, page began to generate new email sign ups and paying customers.

CX Project 2

Redesigned the sign up email flow to deliver value promised and improve interactions

Old Email

Old layout not providing value promised in sign up

Added Ebook

printable pdf that customers can use straight away

CX: Old layout had no practical value. Took the exercised out and made it into a pdf that customer could simply print and handout. Added follow up email to open a discussion on using the exercises.

Product: removing the exercises from the email content leaving room for more product focused messaging.

Result: Email list has started to convert customers. Want to know more, you can speak to Kalle who now also has founded Knowie.

Content Development Projects

Content Development.

Ideanote Logo Content I have either written, edited, researched or ghost written.

Employee Engagement

Leadership and Innovation

Digital Transformation

Talent at Unleash Labs 2017 focusing on SDG As a Talent in Unleash Labs 2017, we were asked to write something on our expectations and experiences.