Passion for Delivering and Optimising Customer Experiences.

Whether it is product development, innovation, acquiring new leads, onboarding new customers or providing support - Everything Comes back to CX. This requires understanding the customer, cross team collaboration and project management to achieve outcomes.
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"Jason is a highly valued team player. A broad-minded and multi-skilled person, whom I really enjoy working with on various. Lots of work and little talk. Deliver results and move on. That's Jason's way."

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"...Jason is not afraid of working hard and taking responsibility during his shifts, that´s why we have full confidence to Jason solving the tasks he has been given in a satisfying way..."

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"...He has a drive for searching and finding new information for a specific task. He has provided RETHNK with great knowledge, insights and recommendations for our use of social media..."

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"...Jason is an excellent multi-tasker. In addition, he is very dedicated, able to work extremely hard when required and used his own time to learn more about wine..."

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Skills I Bring to Customer Experience Realms.

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Background of General All Rounder.

Customer experiences touch on all areas of the business and requires which a T-shaped skillset specialises in CX and customer-centricity. The result, is to help you understand customers, optimise your experience and deliver value while meeting your specific business outcomes. I always continue to develop to broaden these skills, take on new challenges and cross collaborate.