Analyse to Develop New Value-adding Initiatives.

Analyse the situation to increase understanding and identify areas to improve. Use key insights to develop and prioritize new value adding initiatives for the customer and the bottom line. Test and prototype for rapid learning and optimization. Use insights to innovate new products and enter new markets.


Identify the challenge. Learn What data is available or can be obtained and design methods to answer the question. Understand and communicate the key insights from the data. Initiate actions that improve these outcomes in the future./span>
research in all forms is important to learn.
learning how idea management can help improve processes


Test Often. Create processes that allow for identifying bottle necks and under performance, find root causes and test solutions. Customer involvement and usability testing are critical to reduce optimization iterations.


Customer involvement early and often improves all elements of innovation. From building the right thing to solve the problem to developing a new customer experience feedback increases learning. Such innovation methods include aspects of Design thinking, lean start up and business model development, among others. By understanding the different customer segments and jobs the product can be developed to maximise value.